Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Picture of the Day - 5/24/2011

Peacock Displaying, Oklahoma City Zoo, OK - Here's the last B&W conversion done at my recent workshop and this will be the last of the PODs, now that I'm caught up from our recent travels. More will come as we continue traveling through the summer. I was just ready to leave the zoo near closing when I saw this male peacock starting to display - certainly reason enough to postpone my departure! Because of the multitude of colors in the tail, I had to be careful during the B&W conversion to adjust individual color channels carefully to avoid ruining the detail. Extra sharpening and mid-tone contrast was added to enhance the edge detail in the patterns. This was taken with a 100-400mm zoom telephoto lens, handheld, using image stabilization. Settings: ISO 1600, shutter 1/50th second at an aperture of f10.


  1. After seeing this pix in color, which by the way, I loved, it was interesting to read how you changed this to B&W.

  2. I learned the technique from George DeWolfe, who was a student of Ansel Adams. During the week-long workshop, he showed us how he had converted Ansel's darkroom techniques to todays digital darkroom techniques. The tools used were mainly Lightroom, but some Photoshop, as well, in some cases.